3 Common Alternative Root Canal Procedures, Explained

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Our teeth are mighty warriors in our bodies. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to eat, smile, or talk properly. So because of this, it is absolutely important that we do what we can to take care of our pearly whites at all times.

However, it is easy for disease to enter our mouths, especially gum disease. Periodontal disease is extremely common and affects 47.2% of adults over age 30. Additionally, disease to the tooth’s pulp can be quite serious and require either a tooth extraction or a root canal.

The typical root canal procedure is invasive and removes the tooth’s nerve altogether. Some patients may not want this so there is a need for an alternative root canal procedure. Here we explain some common alternatives to root canals your dentist is able to perform.

Pulp capping

When you have a cavity, the bacteria infiltrate the tooth and can reach the nerve. If the nerve has died, this is when a root canal is the only option. But if the nerve is still alive, your dentist can perform a pulp capping treatment which will restrict the tooth decay from entering the tooth’s pulp chamber. The pulp capping procedure is simple: the dentist will remove the decay, line the pulp chamber with medicine to ensure it doesn’t get infected, and then will place a temporary crown over the tooth to allow it to heal.

Tooth extraction

If the tooth has decayed, it may just be a better option to remove it completely. Most dentists choose to do this as a way to prevent bacteria and infection from spreading throughout the mouth. Once the tooth is removed, you’ll then have the option to replace it with a dental implant, a bridge, or a crown.

Ozone gas

This interesting treatment has the dentist using ozone gas to irrigate the root cavity. The gas will kill the bacteria and allow the dentist to save more of the tooth than they would if it was a root canal. Most dentists use ozone gas to buy more time instead of going for the root canal right away.

If you feel that a root canal isn’t the best option for you right now, there are plenty of alternative root canal procedures available for you. Speak to your dentist today about your options and you’ll soon be smiling again.

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