What Will Happen When You Lose Weight

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Over two-thirds of Americans are overweight or obese, and with obesity comes a myriad of other problems, from diabetes to sleep apnea, that can seriously interfere with a person’s life. But many people find that that dieting and exercise simply aren’t helping them to lose weight. Other alternatives like stomach liposuction and bariatric surgery present very viable options for those looking to lose weight fast.

But did you know about the other health benefits that present themselves when you start to loose weight? You are in for more than just increased self-confidence if you decide to take the plunge. Check some of them out here:

Improved Sex Life
Did you know that your sex life might be impacted by being overweight? As you lose weight, you may start to feel your sex Continue reading

When Was the Last Time You Were Successful at a Weight Loss Program?

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The story about a symphony of angels working together to save the life of a 58 year old man in Omaha, Nebraska, received a lot of attention. Just a few minutes after boarding an airplane at Eppley Airfield the man who had felt fine in the morning became nauseas. He quickly sat down, closed his eyes, and tried to overcome the upset stomach feeling that he had. He woke to a fellow passenger and nurse asking if he was alright. What followed was a quick series of very fortunate events that got him off the plane, to a hospital, and into a surgery to stop the effects of a major heart attack.
As indicated by an interview in the Omaha World-Hrald, the gentleman who is expected to do fine had ignored some earlier symptoms that might have warned him of the attack. Just a few short weeks from the e Continue reading

How Pharmacists and Pharmacies Are Helping Us Live Longer and Better

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Over the course of our lifetime, we probably fill dozens if not hundreds of prescriptions for ourselves and our families. The medical field has made incredible advancements in saving our lives and extending our lives, and many of these advancements end up in pill form, prescribed by our doctors and handed out in pharmacies. Although there’s been some outrage in recent years about the rising price of prescriptions and medical costs, we rely on these prescriptions to keep us healthy and having a good quality of life, especially as we get older. However, pharmacies also provide other services other than filling prescriptions — these are often a center for receiving yearly vaccinations like flu vaccina Continue reading

Your Teen Has Probably Had at Least One Drink Why Rehab Centers Are Full of High Schoolers

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College students across America are coming under fire for underage drinking, and their parents want to know why universities aren’t doing more to prevent student parties. There are many types of substance abuse, but alcoholism is taking a severe toll on younger Americans. Residential drug treatment facilities that also deal with alcoholism report that alcohol is the third most common cause for death and bodily injury. Furthermore, alcoholic rehabilitation costs our health care system more than $8 billion each year. Students who start to drink may not realize the toll it takes on their health or the injury it may cause them in the long-term.

In general, people who seek treatment at su Continue reading

How to Lose That Weight and Keep it Off for Good

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The struggle of trying to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle is real. Very real and sometimes too real for some people. You may feel like you have been to every weight loss clinic in the state, tried all the weight loss programs and work out regimes and nothing seems to be working. We can only go so long without results. It can be frustrated and unless you have ever gone through it, you can’t really understand it. You may be considering going to a medical weight loss clinic or trying some sort of surgery, but the truth is, even that won’t help if something doesn’t change. The reality of the Continue reading