An Emergency Is No Time for a Real Life Choose Your Own Adventure

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When your health, or a loved one’s health, is at stake, it can be difficult to differentiate between what is an emergency, and what is simply an urgent health matter. Knowing in advance when to choose one facility over the other is the best way to get the appropriate care, in the appropriate amount of time. So, when should you go to the emergency clinic, and when should you go to the emergency room? Here are a few tips.

Emergency Clinic

For many healthcare providers, the emergency clinic and urgent care are the same thing.

  • Cough, Cold, Fever, Flu, Sore Throat, Strep, Bronchitis, or Pneumonia
  • Infections of the Eye, Ear, Sinus, Urinary Tract or Bladder
  • Strain, Sprain, Fracture, or Dislocation
  • Burns and Lacerations
  • Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea< Continue reading

The Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

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Anyone who knows basic biology knows how valuable oxygen is. As basically the single most important element to humans, we typically think of it as making up the majority of the air that we breathe. However, in its purest form, oxygen can be used to treat a number of different ailments and speed up the healing process for certain injuries.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is an FDA-approved method of treatment in which a person is exposed to pure oxygen in a treatment center. A hyperbaric pressure chamber can be of either flexible or rigid construction and is the best means of delivering 100 percent oxygen. Even staying in oxygen chambers for a short time can have a very beneficial effect on one’s health.

AIDS, chronic fatigue syndrome, Lyme disease, and radiation necrosis are all different diseases Continue reading

Three Accommodating Benefits of Independent Senior Housing

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Did you know that nursing homes are popular places to live? In fact, according to PBS, the typical nursing home in the United States has an occupancy rate of 88%. Independent senior housing provides people with a place to live after retirement, which is a helpful option for seniors who cannot or do not wish to continue maintaining their own houses. There are several accommodating benefits of senior living facilities, as they help their residents in a variety of ways.

1. Social interaction. Assisted living communities allow residents to socially interact with one another on a regular basis. Continue reading

Choosing an Assisted Living Facility for Your Loved One

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Did you know that there are approximately 17,000 assisted living facilities located across the United States? According to PBS, each of those 17,000 senior living facilities house an average of 107 beds. Depending upon the needs of elderly individuals, there is a specific kind of assisted living facility to meet their needs.

Despite the fact that living care fact that they typical assisted living facility provides 24 hour medical care its residents, the prospect of placing a parent or other relative into even the best elderly care services is not an easy decision. However, when the time comes that an elderly person can no longer care for themselves as they once did, placing the Continue reading

The Critical Importance of Medical Packaging Companies

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Not many people have a reason to stop and think about it, but medical packaging corporations play an essential role in the health care industry. You’re probably sitting there thinking “Of course they do! Duh! How else would our doctors and dentists get the supplies they need to provide service to their patients?” While that is true, don’t you think that medical packaging companies requires a bit more specialization than beverage packaging companies?

As each of us realizes, medical supplies and equipment are often quite fragile; and, therefore, a much higher level of care must be taken when it comes to medical equipment design. After all, medica Continue reading