All About Me

Diana-HutchinsonHave you ever run a marathon? How about two and a half marathons IN ONE DAY? The thought of running a 100K sounded like 62.1 miles of absolute torture when my sister told me about her first ultra run. Three years later, here I am, starting a new life as a personal trainer, and finishing just 4 minutes behind her at the Everglades 100! How did I do it? Just a few little changes in lifestyle, and a lot of practice — did you know that running, cycling and other endurance exercises release endorphins, the same happy little molecules produced from eating chocolate and smoking cigarettes?

I still haven’t beaten a cheetah in a race, but by following the techniques in this blog I’m getting there! Whether your goal is to outrun a major natural predator, or just to get toned and sassy, read on for more tips to get your body into racing form in no time!